Is it normal to be addicted to chocolate?

When I run out Im literally fiending for more x.x

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  • bbrown95

    Sugar (and many unhealthy foods, especially carb-heavy ones) tend to be pretty addicting, so I'd say it's normal. Just remember to keep it in a healthy moderation!

    I get the same way with pasta. It's possibly the only food I could eat day in and day out and never get sick of, but I try to keep it in a healthy moderation and go for whole grain when I can to make it just a tad less of a splurge.

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  • kikilizzo

    It's easy to get addicted to. I am craving it very much myself lately but I don't eat it often. Too much chocolate and I might get acne.

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  • olderdude-xx


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  • Cuntsiclestick

    Normal. I love chocolate. I wish they had more lactose free options in stores. XD

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  • Somenormie

    It's fine to like chocolate but too much of it is bad very bad for you.

    However too much of anything is bad.

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    Oh me too. I have something chocolate every day. Mocha coffee, chocolate almond biscotti, dark chocolate milano cookies,ghirardelli brownie bits or tiramisu to name a few.

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