Is it normal that my girlfriend's parents are imposing?

My girlfriend's dad is a decorator/handyman/plasterer. We bought a house. Since then I can't stop them coming over all the time and doing things without me agreeing to it. Girlfriend is happy for them to do it as they did it for her in her previous apartment. This is different as she bought a house with me.

I work from home, yesterday they came over and agreed with my girlfriend to start painting. Telling her/us which paint to get and that paint i had previously bought was crap.

I feel like i've bought a house with her and her parents and we're only 5 months into the new house... None of my ideas they like and anything I suggest is not good. I appreciate he's an experienced handyman/painter/plasterer but its not his house.

Would you expect your gf's parents to be like this if they had house renovating experience?

Girlfriend gets upset if I talk about it, she thinks I hate them (half right!).

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  • trexagireve

    Normal if you are married

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  • bigbudchonger

    Awwh, it sounds nice, man. I understand it might be a bit annoying for you, but it's free work right? And it's probably quite comforting for your girlfriend as well.

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  • litelander8

    I’d be annoyed with your gf for not discussing things with you. But on the outside looking in, plastering sucks ass. Like it’s literally the worst. And if the paint you picked out was shit, it probably was. You can change the paint later. Let them do what they’re doing. Just me.

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