Is it normal that i dislike vlogs?

When I see vlogs it’s almost like I get irritated. I never watch them but it just seems superficial in my eyes that the person feels so important that they feel the need to show the entire world every single thing that they do. I understand that there are times that people may watch them in order to know what a certain job is like but I just dislike them for some reason.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Yeah me too it seems narcissistic to me

    I also think a lot of the social media ppl go out just to take pictures for their stuff and then come home. Like its all an act.

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  • Tortie_Shell

    Of course, it’s just another style of entertainment after all. I don’t find them enjoyable, either.

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  • Nell6

    I 100% agree, a lot of vlogs are trashy and I don't get the hype. Some are ok, but most aren't that good.

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  • Bassmachine

    Like diary video vlogs? Some people are just entertaining and I love listening to people who ramble on.

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