Is it normal i think some drinks are overrated?

Some drinks can be underrated however some are extremely overrated as well as overhyped.

Overrated ones include in my controversial opinion are:

- Boba tea
- Pumpkin spice latte
- Red Bull

Personally there's better drinks than those but you can find ones that ones that aren't easily very overrated.

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  • Chudders

    The latte and the energy drink (and all variants of both) are terrible for you. Not only are they overrated trash, but they will shorten your life span (especially the latter). I feel bad for people who were subverted into drinking (((energy drinks))).

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  • British_Empire_simp

    For the most part, it is. The only concerning part is the amount of sugar in it but that varies from place to place. The balls are a type of tapioca (cassava root starch). And yes, it it very satisfying to bite down on one.

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  • litelander8

    I the bobo tea the one with the balls in it? DISGUSTING.

    Red Bull is also garbage.

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    • donteatstuffoffthesidewalk

      lay a bloody mary on me woman!

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      • litelander8

        I’ll keep ‘em comin!

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