Is it normal for fiance to call other women sexy?

Like with friends you hear him saying "she's sexy as hell especially her ass" about his friend's cousin who wasn't there just he was talking about her looks to them.

Because the comments were confused lol: I'm female my fiance is a guy.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    I think OP’s fiancé is a man.

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  • cootchiefruit

    That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Abnormal. Why is he thinking about women and their asses? he SHOULD be thinking about construction. And why are YOU going for a man like that? I guess being a man doesn't mean shit around here.

    You have an unmanly fiance. Get rid of him.

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  • Katy83814

    It would be more abnormal if he was saying it about men but having a girlfriend. I say it's normal. So long as that's as far as it goes is talking with the guys like that. Nothing physical or directly to other women. Then that would be no good..

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    • hauntedbysandwiches

      Definitely not normal

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  • Sam90

    I think it’s normal. Does it bother you?

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  • ObamaIfHeWasBlack

    keep in mind that straight women are still mostly gay

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