Is it normal for elderly parents to be super demanding? it's killing me

I don't let the dog out fast enough.i don't clean make ice cubes or do laundry or do dishes right. He leaves pee bottles out and goes crazy because he wants to keep them the smell makes me 🤮.He hides things from himself I find them and then he says I took them. He told me I am worthless and everyone would be better off of I died . He's on a walker and cannot do anything so I have to every single minute thing and get yelled at about it.. .My father does not have dementia he told me just likes to push me and ride me super hard like basic training and I need to not get flustered . I Break down and cry or end up screaming back because he won't back down and just keeps pounding me into the ground.he told me that I am going to die soon or have a miserable rest ofmy life so why don't I just kill family is mad I am getting a nurse.the neighbors all hate me. I am not suicidal but I feel worthless I feel great when I am away from him.but he punishes by grounding me from my stuff. He was an awful parent and knew I was being molested by his friend and talks about what a saint he was.thank god that asshole died

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  • ospry

    Take your dad to Belgium

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