Is it normal dogs don't have to learn how to swim but humans do?

Is it normal dogs don't have to learn how to swim but humans do? Dogs just KNOW but humans have to learn

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  • KholatKhult

    Humans do have the inborn instinct to roll over horizontal to their backs to float, this is seen with babies when they do water safety classes.

    We see the panic instinct in humans to flap our arms and kick our legs when trying to stay vertical, but in this position our bodies are not as buoyant as a dogs are.
    Children that are either young enough to still rely on the ‘go on your back’ instinct will do so, but under-practiced humans will panic vertically. People can not learn while panicking.

    Puppies may very well be in the same panic leg flapping mode, but because they are already in their most buoyant position (horizontal body with limbs hanging down and head/back facing upward) they are quickly able to realize to swim they can synchronize their legs to go in the direction they want.

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    • Curiouskitten444


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  • Cuntsiclestick

    I dunno. I once had an Alaskan Husky who couldn't swim. We found that fact out when my brother carried her into the pool with him as a joke. It wasn't a very funny joke. Kept her away from the pool after that. XD

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  • profanity

    Becoz dogs are cooler.

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