Is it legitimate for me to ask how to stop being stupid?

Or i'll be more further persecuted for it, and more teased, bullied for lacking fundamentals of how common sense is constructed and how you interpret and use it in everyday life?

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  • Ummitsstillme

    Are the aryan superior race group terrestial? They sure shit fucked up ww2 and sports if they were supperior.

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  • Curiouskitten444

    You could phrase it in a different way, such as, " what are some of the most important things you've learned in your life?"

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    • Giorgi

      Yeah, not much of people are involved in helping me out, seems like an aryan superior race group of people that test you, if you're unable to figure out, you're on spot exterminated and disposed of. But regarding asking a more palatable and understood question would of have been better but either way around. There's no really common sense sitter here.

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