Is it bad that i get annoyed when kids run to my dogs?

Me and my GF, as mentioned in a previous post, have 5 dogs who are all quite large and are obsessed with licking and also like to jump. Since we both enjoy the kisses we have encouraged them. Recently though our neighbors had their grandkids over for the day and asked to pet them. We, after warning that they’d be licked, agreed and all was well. Yesterday though they were back again and the younger ran into our garage (we were bringing in groceries) and started hitting the door. Me thinking it was my GF Annalise (who was actually letting the dogs outside from the basement) opened the door. Instead of this it was a 5 year old girl who ran in and asked where the “doggies” were. I shouted down to Annalise to explain what was going on and Emily our Napoleon Mastiff ran up the stairs and covered her face in kisses. When we went back to our neighbors, to bring the girl home, her mom (the neighbor’s daughter in law) was furious and said that I should ABSOLUTELY NOT let dogs near her kids. Is it right of both me and Annalise to be kind of pissed?

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  • Millie_the_evil_saint

    From your story, I get more so that you are upset at the child's mother for being an uncaring Karen who tries to blame shift her own bad parenting onto you... And you have every right to be upset at that mother. The mother was quite rude to you.

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    • Thank you, I mean she entered our house and then complained when our dog greeted her in a friendly manner 🤦🏻

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