Intellects lack common sense

I go on discord politics alot and theres a certain type of people that I refer to as the intellectuals. These are the ones of course that have many years in college. They went to debate classes for years. But what they will do is break down words and define them individually in the sentence to explain exactly scientifically what your own statement meant. It sounds really smart how they do it Ill give them that they do sound smart and I couldnt say smart sounding stuff like that.

But they honestly just over complicated something very simple. They should have known exactly what my sentence meant right away. Someone less educated wouldnt have missed a beat. But they over complicate the sentence because they're intellectuals and their brains are trained to really break things down. But this becomes a problem when you get so educated you tend to stop using your common sense and its almost like you can become dumber by being too educated. Or atleast seem dumber if you rely on it too much for everything.

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  • LloydAsher

    Inteligence and "common" sense isnt the same thing. It varies broadly based on the population that you are referring to as common.

    Big shocker here but most people are not the same. The inteligencia you refer to may just be armchair intellectuals. People who are just book smart but lacking the personal experiences that would allow them to see a different perspective.

    There are aplenty of people who are genuinely inteligent but absolutely lacking in social grace. It also can be said theres a certain degree of engineer overthinking that overrides common sense. You can overthink the simplest concepts into something wholly different.

    Actually the whole idea of discord intellects being your idea of the majority of intellects is hilarious. Discord is just a hobby/community chat group.

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  • One of them today was complaining about a scientist that used the term "Mass formation psychosis" when referring to the covid response. He complained this isnt an intellectual medical term. Then he broke down each definition of it. And then he ended up agreeing with the overall point of the comment that the covid response was kind of delusional (im not saying it was) but he knew what the statement meant but his intellectual mind made it to where he was getting confused over simple things that a highschool dropout would understand. Its like these people are slow when you talk to them its weird.

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  • Tommythecaty

    Please don’t use “politics” and “intellectual” in the same sentence.

    Good day.

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  • iMaNhEpPi

    Smart people = dumb people in disguise

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