Is it normal to spend hours on your hair?

I have extremely thick and curly hair. It's so bad that hair salons give up half-way through the process of styling it because it's too much. So I only go to get it cut and leave with it wet because I'm sick of paying for half-done jobs.

But I spend 3 hours on my hair every night. I have to do it every night because it gets extremely greasy and smelly very quick. It's not just me noticing it - former boyfriends told me my hair smelled and looked gross, friends in school, etc. I was bullied when I was very young before I knew how to tame my hair, because it's so big.

I just feel like my life is being wasted on my hair. 3 hours every night and then I just pull it back anyway because I don't like it getting in my way. I can't cut it short because it would be a literal rats nest. Idk what to do. Idk why I have such outrageous hair.

I've even timed how long it takes me. I even try to squeeze in a movie at night just to do something to relax (because all I do is work, and then get home I have to do my hair, hurry and eat, and then hurry to get to bed). I can sometimes get in 20 minute of a movie, so it takes me about a week to get through 1 movie.

I just feel trapped.

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  • Tommythecaty

    That is a long ass post about haircuts.

    I’m not reading it.

    How dare you even make it.

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    • Sue me

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  • litelander8

    Try sleeping in a bonnet. Get one that’s advertised to black women. And get some black people hair shit too. This isn’t a joke. Get a bonnet.

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    • I'll try it thank you!

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  • I keep the length to my shoulders, because any shorter then it's harder to straighten it right. Ugh.. yeah 3 hours is horrible

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