Is it normal to no longer like dark clothes

I used to be alt mostly dressed in black and dark tones. Now I have realized after losing interest in my style that I prefer colorful clothes now and I really like pink which I used to hate before. I also realized that colors like pink obviously is better with my complexion and its a big difference if I take a selfie with a black shirt or with a pink shirt... I am going to change my wardrobes with clothes from the thrift store nearby which is stupid cheap in my small town even though it has amazing clothes, even people I know in the city drives to the thrift store here to shop instead of the ones in the city because this one has nicer things lol. Lol I am lucky for that because I have so little money. 🤷 I have already started and it was a big step for me to buy a pink sweater I found that was really nice because at first I thought "oh I love it but I cant buy it, its not my style :/" but then I didnt care and bought it lol. Honestly to me when I think about it black is pretty boring and basic everyone wears black regardless of style because its easy. Black goes with everything. 🤷

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    People's styles change over time. It's pretty normal. XD

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  • imnotnormal555

    We are born naked. We form identities from clothing as we grow up... then you realize later that clothes have many purposes and arent permanent, like tattoos. They are used to protect us, keep us warm or cool, and also a form of self expression. You are free to wear anything that makes you happy!!

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  • Pinkpickle

    You do you. Personally I'm way into Pastel-goth right now.

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