Is it normal to lose respect for someone who..

Either works for the federal government or in mainstream media. Any time I meet someone who works in one of those fields, I instinctively assume they're a lying sack of shit with zero integrity in their entire being

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  • litelander8

    When I see 20 guys standing on the side of the highway chatting, it’s so irritating. Like you’re reconstructing a bridge to put a toll on when you could just hire the 5 people actually doing shit.

    They’re literally told to waste time so that they can make the bill for wages look higher.

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    • KholatKhult

      Artificial labor bubble
      Instead of admitting that we have succeeded in automation and programming, we create nonsense jobs and unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy to keep people busy.
      It’s like adult daycare for half of these office jobs too.

      So long as things cost money, people must work for money. And so long as the hourly pay is so low, people must work many hours. We don’t have to be ‘working’ nearly as much as we do

      But if we accept that labor is no longer at a demand as high as back when machines couldn’t do things for us ; then socialism is inevitable

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      • donteatstuffoffthesidewalk

        its a worlda middlemen

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      • Armsage

        If you play the beginning of Atomic Heart, you’ll notice that the communists prosper while the capitalists (USA) has work shortage. It says so on the radio when you’re being flown around in a vintage car. Anyways, I honestly don’t think the USA will ever turn its back on capitalism, even if it means the end of us.

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  • darefu

    Government workers, no

    But media worker hell yes!

    Most government workers are just there for a job, and don't really control many details. They just go to work, go home and repeat.

    Now, if you said media and politicians, no argument there!

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    • EnglishLad

      What on earth is a government worker if they aren't a politician?

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