Is it normal to have conflicting feelings?

At a former job there was this woman who was in management and was horrible and did things on purpose and maliciously to make my life hard. I've quit the job.

So, today I've learned that her 7 months baby girl has passed away after a surgery. I was shocked to learn this and sad for the couple.

But part of me (and I'm ashamed of having those thoughts, I swear) kind of believe that she is such a mean person that she attracts bad energy. I do not believe in god or religion but I think that we do cast some kind of energy and bad attracts bad.

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  • theoptimisticscholar

    It is perfectly normal to have conflicting feelings, if not the least of which, because we are composed of three competing faculties/agencies (a mind, a body, and a spirit).
    The left and the right brain are often in friction as well (our logical sense of reason vs our emotional/artistic sense of reason). It could be argued that the left brain is our outward sense, whereas our right brain is the reserved part of us which enables empathy.
    There is indeed a transfer of energy even at the level of thought, and yes, like energy attracts like energy. We are all, and our lives also, merely the reflection of what we want to believe (hence our unique biological penchant for painful addiction(s)).
    If nothing else, regardless of personal regards for the bereaved woman, make a simple attempt to offer a word of sympathy for conscience's sake? Even a forced smile or expression of sorrow pays greater dividends than silence causing you regret.
    You can't produce a positive, attractive, or productive mindset without a clean conscience. Something as powerful as regret is certain to puncture the sails of progress, and diminish the potential of any pursuit that will endure.
    Peace, my Conflicted author

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  • RoseIsabella

    Karma's a bitch.

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  • Tommythecaty


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