Is it normal to get such bad anxiety it makes you physically ill

Sometimes my anxiety gets so bad it affects me physically and I cant even tell the difference between being sick and being anxious. Today I was not able to make it to work because I got such a bad choking sensation, nausea and everything was spinning very fast it even felt like the ground under me was wobbling and I was close to tears. It was not a panic attack but very heightened anxiety. I was almost physically shaking. I do not know what triggered it as I enjoy my job a lot and it temporarily worsened my anxiety even more having to text my boss i'm sick especially since it was so late and it might seem I was making up being sick but I doubt working in that condition is much good. For all I know I could be sick with everything going around now and even if not I worry greatly about having a panic attack at work. I would frighten the people around me as well as embarrass myself. My anxiety is always at its hightest at this of year as well for some reason.
I have tried beta blockers before but I have a phobia of trying new things including, and especially, pills. Therefore when I took a beta blocker during the worst anxiety attack I had 2 years ago I somehow deluded myself I was suddenly allergic to the pills and was choking and I started to panic so greatly I had to be taken to the ER. Nothing was wrong with me though except my neck muscles were extremely tense which they often are, which in turn causes my throat to feel tight. My muscles are tense because I am rarely ever relaxed. I have tried cognitive behaviural therapy as well and regular therapy but regardless my anxiety have gotten worse instead of better. I want a normal life and to not get sick with anxiety.

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    You have an anxiety disorder. You may need an *as needed* anti-anxiety and possibly another daily med to help you.

    You need to see a psych, or at least your GP. And seek out a therapist if you can. Also, look into DBT style therapy. I think that can help you.

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