Is it normal to get kicked out once you're 18

Is it normal for you to get kicked out of your parents house immediately after becoming 18?

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33% Normal
Based on 24 votes (8 yes)
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  • bitch_b0i

    In most of the world, no. Common in the States among white families primarily.

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  • Elroy7141

    In the uk hear. My parents kicked me out at 16 and said I’m old enough to work so get on with it. So I joined the military, when I left I had no money but managed to get a job and buy a run down flat. Most people I know stayed at home until there mid 20s with the chance to save for a big deposit and got houses out of it, so my parents did me no favours really

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  • dirtybirdy

    Depends on you and your family.

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  • Anonnet

    Both yes and no. Depends on the culture where you are. Anyone who doesn't thinks it's weird to get kicked out that early ("what about your family, what about costs and resources"), while anyone who does thinks it's weird not to get kicked out that early ("what about self-reliance, what about freedom and responsibility").

    I think the normalcy is mainly dependent on the wealth of the family in question, which is probably why it's mostly popular only in certain places. If money isn't a real object to overcome, it's easier to just go "be freeeeee" and let the kid get a roommate or something, since they can just come back if it doesn't work out. If money is a real object, especially if it's an object to more of the family than just the kids, the whole light around the decision changes and it makes way more sense to stay in the home longer.

    Or, to put it in more of a TL;DR fashion:
    If your parents have money, they're more likely to kick you out at 18.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Best thing that ever happened to me was getting kicked out at 17. It was a risk I wouldnt take with my kids but my parents philosophy was kind of sink or swim. Struggling in my youth turned me into a man.

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  • LloydAsher

    Its 50% if you are a parent that intends to kick out your kid... it's kinda an unsaid requirement that you tell them about that beforehand so they can prepare or pay rent or something. dick move to not give warning.

    That's what my parents laid out before I turned 18. Tried college and renting, didn't work out. So military was only option besides work harder.

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  • darefu

    Getting kicked out is a harsh term. However, getting "kicked out" should start at age 4 or 5.

    Early should be things like being kicked out of bed at an early time, 6/7am prepared a person for school and work life.

    Kicked out of shower when you take to long, teach conserving water and thinking of others.

    Kicking you off the computer or game system to do chores, teaches responsibility, life's not all fun and games.

    It's called raising responsible children. If done right you won't have to "kick them out at 18" they will be ready by 17 to 19 to grab life by the tail and go for it.

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    • LloydAsher

      Lifes not all fun and games. Yes and no. You got to learn what motivates your kid and hone into them how to use their motivation to get on top of where they want to be.

      Ideally your kid has a coherent sense of purpose that sometimes happens and they wont technically work a day of their lives since it's their passion. I had "dream jobs" but smack dab in the middle of highschool I realized I dont actually have any dream job nor passion that translates into any kind of field.

      Here I am at 25 and the closest thing I got to is being a cdl driver. Because I find driving to be more tolerable than any other type of work. Hindsight is 20/20 but you got to help your kid rationalize their future beyond pie in the sky dreams.

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