Is it normal to get anxious about making a self-portrait?

Hi im an animation and digital art student and now for an assignment i gotta do a selfportrait, which i've done before after looking at the mirror or pictures of myself... but the thing is I feel like my face changes a lot: when i look at the mirror there's a different person than when taking pictures at different hours of the day. I've been thinking a lot about it mainly because the difference now is that i'm gonna show it at least to one person and maybe they will think hey you are not that pretty... or hey that doesn't looks like you at all. :( i know i shouldn't care and i'm still going to do it no matter how it turns out to be but I'm still curious if someone else has been through this. (so normal here will mean "i've been through it")

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  • moth_wife

    I totally get your point. I wouldn't say I get anxious, but I get really self conscious when drawing, and if anything in the end result is even slightly off I get super frustrated and then just hate the whole thing.

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  • Somenormie

    Normal to feel anxious but I wish you well in this, you got this!

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  • SkullsNRoses

    I’ve drawn myself twice and it’s no mean feat. I’d recommend taking a photo of yourself and drawing that instead of trying to use a mirror. Try not to make it a typical selfie, maybe hold your phone further away than normal and look away from the camera.

    It’s ok if you make yourself look marginally better looking so long as it’s still recognisably you, eg. you could make your eyes slightly bigger but don’t do something drastic like changing the shape of your nose.

    Good luck.

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