Is it normal to feel a degree of comfort when others hate the things i like?

Whenever someone says they hate something or someone I like, whether it be a cartoon, a band, song, or a person, I feel a degree of comfort. Of course it annoys me that they hate on the thing I like, but at the same time, it makes me feel better. Because when someone insults something/someone I like a lot, it makes me feel a sort of commiseration with it, and makes me feel better when others say the same things about me, like that they hate me or when they insult me. It makes me think, "well, they also insult and hate on [that thing that I love so much], so I shouldn't feel so bad about being hated!" Idk if I explained it well enough, I'm sorry. What I mean is it makes me feel a little less alone, when others hate or insult the things/people I really like, because when people insult me, I remember my favourite things/people also get the same kind of hate.

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  • Harry_Irision93

    I wouldn't say it's normal, but it is good that you understand your uniqueness, and accept, even enjoy, other's differing views. You sound like a genuinely nice, and healthy person.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Sounds like deep seated mental health issues that medication wont solve. Perhaps think againsnt letting the doctors just tranquilize ya and send ya out the door. This is something you'll need to work on yourself, maybe with a therapist (not a psychiatrist). The longer you wait to fix it and the older you get the less likely it will ever get fixed. Not fixing it is gonna cause you to exhibit such anti social behavior you will be miserable because your nature is to be social because ur human.

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