Is it normal to always get hate comments?

I never say anything bad or offensive, but if I make a comment on a video or whatever, I always get a hateful comment in return. 100% of the time, it never fails. Someone is always there to reply something hateful and it hurts.

I gave up social media except for youtube years ago because I always got nothing by hateful comments. I don't understand. I know everyone gets hate comments at some point, but I get them literally every time I post or comment something.

It makes me hate myself.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Yeah its just how ppl are when they're on the internet. They'd never say it to your face

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  • AsterBean

    This is why I never comment and only post pictures of my pets.

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  • gladdy57

    Hate comments come from people who hate themselves. Sad world...

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  • normal-rebellious

    Yes it's normal, I often do get hate comments.

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  • godsdog

    Because it's funny and back in the days before everyone was a snowflake this was a basic initiation ritual to the internet. I just laugh it off cuz they are either joking or looking a chihuahua barking at my ankles

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  • Somenormie

    It's the internet, you're always going to get hate comments. Blocking them or deleting their comments isn't going to have them stop.

    Hate comments isn't something you can get rid off.

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  • bbrown95

    I think that for some reason, many people tend to get very negative while on social media, and it's almost as if they're conditioned to leave hateful comments. This is especially common on Facebook and YouTube (and even Reddit), in my opinion. I don't know what it is about it, but it's almost like driving; everyone is automatically annoyed and looking for an excuse to be pissed off. I pretty much avoid comments sections on most social media sites these days because it is just a downer, and it gets old having a dog pile of angry idiots making wild assumptions and trying to start a fight over nothing.

    YouTube is full of trolls as well and it seems like most of the comments section is just looking for a fight on there. Probably bored people with nothing better to do. Try not to take it to heart.

    Please don't hate yourself over people's rudeness. Sadly, rudeness and hateful comments are only becoming increasingly common, it seems.

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  • Anonnet

    Nope, breaking the 100%, this is not normal. Yeah, people on the internet can be dicks, but if you're literally getting a mean comment every single time you post something, you are probably the issue. Or you have only posted a few times and are using that as your whole sample size.

    Stuff can be spurred by what you said, what your username or avatar is, or even your tone if it doesn't match the rest of the site (or page). It's also possible that you could be perceiving something as hateful that wasn't intended to be.

    Just look at the replies you've gotten on this thread so far. The internet isn't filled entirely with assholes.

    Is it normal to get hate comments? Yeah.
    Is it normal to ALWAYS get hate comments? No!

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  • Tinybird

    Same here honestly. I just got hate comments on some cute pictures I drew of me and Salad fingers today calling it cringe and someone else replied to them saying it is not cute and it's weird.

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