Is it normal this bus ride was very creepy

I work evening shifts this week as a woman I feel very unsafe taking the bus home when its pitch black out because its winter and I live in a town and work in an even smaller town so often nobody takes the bus but me. Tonight I noticed quickly the driver wasnt taking the usual road. I was already a bit on edge because of all the warnings lately because its extremely icy out and the warnings also say stick to big roads which gets tended to more but this bus driver did the opposite. The usual route is to drive straight out onto the highway but this bus driver did not do that. It was pitch black outside no streetlamps either on those tiny roads so I couldnt see a thing out the window. I realized quickly he was taking random roads driving around on tiny roads out in the middle of nowhere though. I couldnt see anything but every now and then we passed a house and I could see we are not where we are supposed to be. We were in the woods somewhere on small roads. The bus was completely empty aside from me. My phone was dead. I was too anxious to walk up to him to ask him what is going on exactly. Eventually he did drive onto the highway about 15 minutes late. The entire bus ride took over 30 minutes which usually takes between 15 and 20. It was very scary because for all I knew he had ill intensions. I looked later online and the route has not been changed and there was no warnings or anything which said certain routes might need to be changed. He just drove around on random tiny roads in the forest for no reason, apparently... I was all shaky by the time I was home. I felt extra vunerable due to my phone being dead.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    That sounds awful I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Have you considered reporting him to the bus company? Even if you don’t remember what he looked like they should know who was driving at that time on that date.

    I’d recommend buying one of those portable chargers and some pepper spray if your area allows it and investing in some self-defence lessons if you can. And look after yourself, it’s understandable that this would shake you.

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    • Thanks. Pepper sprays are illegal but self defense sounds like a good idea. I actually got a portable charger for christmas. Gonna charge it up and bring it with me from now on.

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  • Tommythecaty

    It’s just a fucking bus ride, grow up.

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  • idkyourmom27

    that was me, I am here

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  • jethro

    What country are you living in? It's not illegal to carry non lethal self defense weapons. And even if it was illegal, so what. You had to defend your life, fighting the weapons charge would be nothing compared to getting killed. As long as you are not brandishing your self defence items, no one would know you have them.

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  • 1234tellmethatyoulovememore

    If you can't use a knife what about the use of pepper spray?

    And get a portable charger for your phone so it is always working. Please stay safe <3

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  • litelander8

    I ALWAYS keep my knife on me. Portable charger is a great idea.

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    • Its illegal. If I was to defend myself with a knife i'd get a punishment so I cant

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      • momgetthecamera

        I would disregard the law in this situation

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  • taebby22

    I can understand why this would be scary but I've been on buses that took random routes, and some that have just stopped and waited for awhile before going again. However, I found out they had to waste time in order not to be early for the next stop - but it's strange in your case the bus ended up being late.

    It could have been a number of things such as bad road conditions, a closed road, an accident that needed to be cleared, etc.

    You might be able to call the bus company and ask why the driver did that. The bus might have cameras and GPS tracking that will show the route he took.

    For the future, definitely get a pepper spray and/or a taser. Also, get a portable charger for your phone (but remember you must keep that charged too but at least there's less of a chance of getting stuck without your phone.

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  • normal-rebellious

    It's normal and it's like Canada, living in a dangerous part of land where bears might eat you, it's no wonder the bus driver drove in the forest.

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