Is it normal that people think everything is a mental illness?

It's annoying because when I was younger I used to use websites like this for advice and would get so many replies like "you have depression/anxiety/etc. you need to go to therapy". I believed them too. And doctors (at least in the US) are just as bad. I went to one around age 17 and literally just told him "I think I have OCD because (x, y and z reason)" and got diagnosed with no questions asked. Then I really did go to therapy and they told me "nothing is wrong" I just have "symptoms".

I know some people actually do need the help but I feel like some are deluded into thinking every abnormality is a mental illness, and now I don't know what really is.

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  • Fugazi,again

    Sad = Depression
    Happy = bipolar
    Nervous= generalised anxiety disorder
    Angry = psychosis

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  • Boojum

    Most mental illnesses are a matter of being on a spectrum.

    We all have at least some narcissistic, psychopathic and neurotic traits, and we all have our own little habits, preoccupations and rituals. Since it's not possible for someone to jump into our heads and experience what we're feeling and thinking as an objective observer, it's not unusual for medics to get diagnoses wrong.

    Also, in the USA in particular, doctors have to practice defensive medicine; if a patient says something is wrong during a consultation, a doctor is likely to go along with the self-diagnosis as long as they see nothing that contradicts that and the treatment is unlikely to have negative side-effects.

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  • --

    I know people think doctors are all angels and life savers, thing is they are a business, their business is to sell you medication, like any business they want to make as much money as possible. Just like a mechanic will bull shit you about what your car needs a doctor may say you need antidepressants.

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  • FromTheSouthWeirdMan

    I agree.

    I feel like these days our society is obsessed with labels. Its an easy way to categorize ppl and put them in a group. Its easy for a doctor to say you're ADHD, bipolar, anxiety, schizophrenic so he can put you in a box and give you the same generic treatment. Treatment should be more tailored to the individual but doctors are not allowed to treat like that they have to treat within the guidelines allowed. So if a certain medication helps you but that medicine is labelled for schizophrenic ppl and you're diagnosed ADHD you dont get that medicine. Legally they can sometimes give you medication for "off label use". But its generally frowned upon. And its a liability..

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  • Tommythecaty

    Because it’s big business 🤔

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  • --


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  • --

    Doctor I just broke my arm "I see, lets start you on zoloft"

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  • d0esnormalmatter

    Yeah we like to assume everyone has issues. Its dumb and I don't know why people think that lol. It gives people something to blame their problems on I guess.

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