Is it normal that my bgf puts down guys at clubs?

I have this really good friend that's a stunning beauty with red hair and a body that all of are jealous of who when we go out to clubs thinks most of the guys are below her standard. And when they ask to buy her a drink or dance she'll make insulting comments to them like,"With you?" 1 of them even kicked her and she had him thrown out and then laughed about it.

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  • No it's not like that. I mean if you're there you know guys are gonna come up to you so why be mean? And it's not like they bring her a drink. They tell her they'll pay for whatever she orders. I wish guys would buy me drinks.

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  • Ummitsstillme

    She shouldn't go to places where everyone is beneath her

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    • You don't get it. She goes there to put guys down. She loves it.

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  • Tommythecaty

    Eh, a rude waste of time.

    Just means there’s more guys for you and the other girls then.

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  • splashgame3

    Normal? Yes. Respectful? No. But hey man that’s life and she’s got it like that

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