Is it normal that i miss my xbox 360, that i sold 6 years ago?

I really miss my Xbox 360, not gonna lie. So much fond memories of playing Halo 3 and Forza 4 online on it.

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  • Perhaps you can buy a cheap one off eBay?

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  • I still have my 360 but I rarely play it.

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  • Yes that is normal, I remember selling my old DS game which I had duplicates off and I felt sad but now since I sold it it made me and the buyer happy.

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  • I dont sell any of my old gaming devices. Mainly because they sell at extremely low prices and the nostalgia isnt worth the 10$ that Ebay says it's worth.

    My big plan is to give my future children them because they need to really appreciate how far games have come in complexity and graphics. Plus an M rated game in 2000 isnt on par with an M rated game from 2021. Spartan total warrior (my first M rated game at 10) the gore is just a puff of red. Still entertaining but not as grotesque as gore that modern games come up with.

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  • I never missed my Atari.

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