Is it normal that i'm annoyed by stupid signs?

All these signs that are put up so lawsuit happy people don't sue make me sick. At the gym by the pool there's a sign saying, "Pool Area May Be Wet" no s***? And on the medicine box it says, "Do not take if allergic" How stupid would it be to take it if you knew you were allergic to it?

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  • Jh9856

    Iin to get annoyed by a moron repeating stupid questions over and over again??

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  • howaminotmyself

    Pregnancy teas have warnings to not take while pregnant.

    I like lemon balm for anxiety. Yogi teas make a blend with it and ashwagandha root called sweet clementine that I find delightful.

    I use nettle for hayfever, it is considered a natural antihistime and a great alternative for those allergic to ragweed. It also supports women's health as it helps balances hormones and is a blood builder.

    For GI trouble my go to is mint or ginger. Ginger with turmeric is highly therapeutic. I've never been a fan of chamomile, but I feed it to my kid when he is sick.

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  • ashleymyluv

    STASH is not tea it’s rolling papers i looked it
    Up on Amazon. Very funny 😁

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  • ashleymyluv

    What is your favorite brand of tea ☕️
    I know you like Chamomile 👍

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    • Pinkpickle

      STASH brand is my favorite. Celestial Seasonings is pretty good too.

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  • Pinkpickle

    I think the pool area may be wet warning is just a poorly phrased way of calling attention to the possible danger and saying "beware of slipping."

    Personally yes some warning are dumb but I also think more things should have warnings. Even a single life saved due a warning is far more important than some mild annoyance.

    I frequently advocate the use chamomile for insomnia and anxiety.

    Chamomile also helps with gastrointestinal conditions, it's used topically for skin conditions and for mouth sores resulting from cancer treatment, chamomile may also help with hay fever, inflammation, muscle spasms, menstrual disorders, ulcers, wounds, rheumatic pain, and hemorrhoids.

    There was even a study that indicated that chamomile helped prevent osteoporosis in rats due to steroid treatment.

    Some studies have found that chamomile tea can lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.

    Chamomile is looking like it's an absolute health monster and it sounds all sunshine and rainbows at first but then I always make sure to warn people who are allergic to ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, or daisies because it can trigger anaphylaxis in them, and its not immediately obvious that chamomile is in the same family as daisies, hence why I always warn about this first and why I think the box of tea or container itself should have a warning. Not all warnings are immediately obvious. A lot of things have dangers that are not obvious which is why it's important to warn about them.

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