Is it normal that i flirt with a gay guy?

I'm a married man and there's this openly gay guy at work and we joke around about how cute the other one is and say stuff like we'd like to see the other one's hot dog.

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43% Normal
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  • Ummitsstillme

    I sort of do too, he is my best friend!

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  • Cas8533

    If you wanted to see my hot dog i get it out for him and see what he thinks and I don't care if married as if he is sex deprived I will always be ready for anybody who wants to experiment with other men, women, and other sexual orientation as i am open to have sex with anybody man ,women, transsexual woman, transgender women, and male who are male to female are female to male and i will never say stop and never say no to receiving anything from others and giving to others and I wud help who needs it in anyway shape are form

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