Is it normal that i find obese people repulsive?

I know it's unkind, but I can't stand to interact with overly obese people. I was working as a temp at a place where there was a woman who easily weighs 300 lbs. I had to talk to her for work and she was disgusting. She waddles when she walks and comes into my office panting out of breath. I think she's going to have a heart attack. They provided us lunch and when they announced that lunch arrived she was the first one in there, eating like it was her last meal.

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  • Higenleth

    There's nothing wrong with finding obese people unattractive unless you're a jerk about it: no one needs to know you don't find them physically appealing unless they're pursuing you romantically. It's also normal to get uncomfortable when people chew too loud, eat too fast or unrefinedly, it is one of my pet peeves. But going so far as to call another fellow human repulsive... That's very mean. They're not despicable criminals just cause you find them ugly. I can only hope it's not normal.

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  • raisinbran

    Obesity has been normalized but it’s a sign of severe mental illness.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    Why do you care? Why watch her eat?

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  • seaslugs12

    Normal but I try to think of the human who is under all the fat. They’re probably sad or struggle somehow. Obesity is the new smoking

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    • I never thought of it that way but I think you're right. Fast food and sugary snacks pushers don't accept any responsibility for obesity just as tobacco producers didn't accept any for cancer.

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