Is it normal that i dont really like pirates of the carribean

I really don't like PotC all of my friends watched it.

I watched 1 of them (if there are multiple), and I thought it was really boring and thought it was a live-action classical fairytale.

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    You're normal.

    I only watched the first three movies. When too much of something is made, I just stop keeping up.

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  • Bassmachine

    Art, music, film, & literature is all subjective.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    I wanted to be Jack Sparrow when I was a kid and have been him for a few Halloweens. I enjoyed it for the pirates’ rejection of uptight society, even though I barely understood the plot when I first watched it aged 9 their freedom still appealed to me.

    I’ve always enjoyed “Live action classical fairytale” films like the Labyrinth so I suppose I’m more of the series’s target audience anyway. Although I pretend the last 2 films didn’t happen.

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  • litelander8

    Meh. Visually appealing, if anything.

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