Is it normal new neighbours kids jump on the floor 24/7

New whitetrash neighbours have moved in right above us.
Its clear they are whitetrash because they look raggedy and gross and the man of the family has a criminal record, so thats nice...very nice looking car for such a family can only guess how...
All day their dumb kids jump and run on the floor, and not just day but night too. The other night at 2 AM they were jumping up and down, sounded like they jumped from a couch right down in the floor over and over and then running around and occasionally throwing things in the floor with force for some reason. Who wants to argue with whitetrash who has a criminal record? Obviously they arent even fit parents letting their kids do whatever they want all night too like were they even at home since they kids could act that wild at 2 AM?? And do they EVER let those kids outside?? I dont think ive ever seen the poor sods play outside. The criminal dad ive seen with one of the local druggies. I was walking home from the store one night and he came walking in the opposite direction with his druggie friend and just staring at me the whole time it was very unsettling. Who wants to run into him in the stairs when its dark??...Thinking of leaving them a note...

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  • RoseIsabella

    Yucky people.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Getchu a broom and bang on the ceiling when theyre doing it. I wouldnt leave a note

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