Is it normal my teeth hurt and dentist said it doesn't matter?

So I got a new dentist in a new city. They are kind of not a great dentist and couldn't figure out how to get my xrays and redid them five times. Than they did a cleaning which apperently they told me on phone they don't do at first visit. The cleaning was somehow extremely painful and I bleed a lot after it and despite me saying it was painful they said I needed stop moving and they continued. Than they said anything else I needed done I would have they wouldn't fix until I got my wisdom teeth pulled at a surgeon who I'm not gonna be able ever see in my lifetime cuase they two hour drive away and there's no way to get back. So I guess I'm never getting my teeth fixed ever and I think one of my molers has a cavity cuase my wisdom teeth don't fit in my mouth and so it's hard to brush my back teeth and I think food keeps getting stuck in the gap my wisdom teeth has given me.

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  • kikilizzo

    I also had a lot of toothache once and the dentist kept saying nothing is wrong with my teeth. The ache did end up going away on its own strangely. All I know is sinus issues can give you toothache so if a dentist can't find anything then maybe you should have your sinuses checked. Bleeding is normal when you have sensitive gums and if you don't floss. Flossing is really important and yeah getting food stuck between your teeth can give you cavities, it will definitely give you plaque at least, so you need to floss. Could also be an inflammation in the gums but i've had those before and it tends to swell and be pretty hard to miss, I don't know if it always swells though but if it was an inflammation rather than a cavity causing pain the dentist should've at least seen abnormal redness in the gums surronding your painful tooth/teeth.

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  • ospry

    If it's possible, switch dentists as soon as you can. Some dentists are surprisingly unprofessional. I went to one where the dentist and the hygienist were in a legit screaming match with each other and I thought they'd start throwing hands. The hygienist also took over 15 goddamn minutes to get the x-ray component in my mouth. He was a big guy and I didn't need 250-300 pounds of sweaty man hovering above me and cursing under his breath every two seconds

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    • I pretty sure its the only one in this city that takes my insurance.

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