Is it normal my girlfriends always leave me then come back

I said I wanted to fuck her mom and sister then she just blocked me so suddenly.. Then she came back again a few days later then again 2 weeks later. I insulted her father ONE TIME and she did it again i'm tired of her already and before her, there was someone else I cant say too much cause she lurks this website but she left me for a GIRL yet she still talks to me just to insult me and shit I don't get the reasoning behind that. Even before that there was another girl and she left me calling me a stalker even though I never stalked her what the hell is her problem? I think they've been leaving me for other men and they keep getting dumped.

the first one is a cheating whore 1
other 5
the third one is evil 0
the second one is evil 0
i can be your new girlfriend and i have 0
all are bad except the second one 0
all are bad except the third one 0
all are bad except the first one 0
they are all demons 1
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  • ibrokemyds

    where's the 'you're an asshole' option?

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  • litelander8

    This is an assumption. But you sound like an asshole whose laying some pipe.

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    • what is pipe?

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      • ospry

        I love lamp

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  • ObamaIfHeWasBlack

    holy shit OP is a garbage person

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  • Chudders

    Look bud, you're being a piece of shit. Yes, it's normal for her to leave and come back because women are emotional and often over emotional about things, and she's probably insecure. You should get your act together and stop doing these shitty things, or one day she will not come back and you'll look back on this and wonder how things could've turned out if you started treating her better.

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  • Tommythecaty

    I fear you may be socially retarded sir.

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  • RoseIsabella

    Maybe you're an asshole, and they're just pathetically lonely? 🤔

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