Is it normal my friend reacted this way to a joke?

So, the other night me and my two closest friends were playing a drinking game. I can't remember exactly how this conversation got started. I think it was when one of my friends brought up that I should get back into online dating, even though I explained before that it never worked for me.

I like to joke about things, and everybody who knows me knows this. I said I had a new boyfriend named Art Vandelay who is an importer/exporter of latex goods. For those of you who don't know, it's a running gag from Seinfeld. The name "Art Vandelay" was used in various ruses George came up with. After a few minutes I told them it was a joke.

My friend suddenly got very upset. She accused me of lying and said "all I do is lie", then proceeded to compare it to the lying and gaslighting she experienced from her biological father and ex boyfriends, then asked how much money was really in my bank account because she suspected I lied about that. I will admit I lied by omission when I was still with my ex, like I didn't tell anybody I stayed with him after he became very emotionally (and sometimes physically) abusive. But that's an old thing and I still feel bad. And I haven't told anyone exactly how much of my debts I still owe, because that's personal.

Later she apologized for going off, but said it was a trigger for her. I apologized too. I'm very much aware that her father is a piece of crap and her exes have lied to her and stuff. I just made a joke that I thought was innocent. However she seems to have forgotten all about it, she hasn't brought it up since. Is her reaction normal or was this insensitive of me?

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  • Iambillythemenacetosociety

    Lol, the "you must be fun at parties" applies here.­čśé

    But no, she sounds overly-sensitive.

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  • SaddleGoose

    She sounds uber annoying, as if your life is an accessory to hers to bounce her sense of self-importance off of.

    "My father and ex boyfriends done this!"
    That's nice, lady, but my life isn't in play just to facilitate a speech from you about your dubious abuse claims that seems to conclude with, "its everyone else that's the problem, not me!"

    Sorry, went a little on a tangent there. Nothing annoys me more than people like her that are desperately clawing for a crumb of victimhood because they never achieved anything to be proud of, so need to make victimhood their entire personality. Ick.

    Okay, I'll super deffo stop now. 0_0

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    • Cuntsiclestick

      Honestly, I can't stand people that treat me like shit and then proceed to use their bad day, a traumatizing past, or mental health issues as an excuse. One of the things I've learned is that once I let a person get away with that shit once, it opens the doors for them to do it again. Now I just ghost people who try that kind of stuff. People like the OPs friend aren't worth hanging around.

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  • Clunk42

    Could the alcohol have something to do with it, perhaps?

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    • Probably. She gets emotional when she's drinking and sometimes doesn't remember later. Sometimes I'm the same way, so no judgements here.

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  • bigbudchonger

    Ye she just didn't know Seinfeld; good show btw.

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