Is it normal most rings never suit my fingers

I bought new rings yesterday in size XS so I can start wearing more rings but they are way too big. They fit on my middle finger for some reason but not any other finger. Not even rings you can adjust fit me. I have a ring in size small that you can adjust a lot but its still too big. One ring I had ended up breaking in half because I had to keep adjusting it constantly to not fall off. Its a big issue in my life.

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  • libertybell

    I don't even buy rings anymore because they are always too big. I had one fitted to my finger,and it's still too big.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    Find out what your official ring size is, they all have letters. There are guides online of how to measure it.

    I’m not sure if this will help much in buying cheap rings though. I only found out about it when I did a candle making workshop and there were people in the studio before us making silver rings who left their ring size guide behind.

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    • Well I only buy cheap rings because i'm poor lol and because I don't see the point in paying more because i'm not like allergic to nickel or something. That's a cool idea though I might need to find out my actual size.

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