Is it normal i wished i could have experienced the early 90s

While the entire decade as a whole seemed awesome, I really find the early part (1990-1993) to be quiet interesting, although it gets less love than the rest of the decade.

That time period had ax explosion of new music: eurodance, trance, industrial, grunge, country music was evolving, you had some of the earliest raves which produced a number of new underground genres.

I actually really like the cheesy humor of the early 90s. Some of my favorite shows from that time period I’ve watched were In Living Color, Martin, and Married with Children. You also had the start of the adult shows passing off as cartoon such as Ren and Stimpy and Rocko’s Modern Life.

I find the chaos of that time period to be interesting as well. This was the height of the AIDS crisis, crack epidemic, juvenile delinquency, and the urban crime wave. I picture a night in the Bronx bring constant sirens and gunshots, or teens with a mullet burning down a tailor park in Alabama.

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  • ospry

    I disagree; the advent of TikTok is the height of the AIDS crisis

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