Is it normal i have raves by myself on the weekend

Because my friends don’t like hardcore house music from the 90s-present, and my best friend is epileptic.

I have this “moon” that changes different colors. It has a strobe light setting. I go in my basement, close the curtains and blast the music.

I’m very anti-drug so instead of ecstasy and meth, I have multi-colored gluclose tablets and pixie stics. I’ll make a slushee if I’m in the mood.

For oldschook hardcore I like DJ Lady Dana (she a thicc Dutch girl) and I like I Hate Models for modern hardcore.

You’re all invited, bring your gluclose tablets though.

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    who doesnt

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  • Tommythecaty

    This is low key adorable.

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  • Vvaas

    this is kinda cute

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