Is it normal for a kid to think this way?

When i was a kid i used to kill insects because i felt sorry for them. I couldn't understand their natural enviroment and i used to think it was sad for them to live crawling in the dirt, so i used to kill them to end their misery. Is it normal for a kid to have this mindset?

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  • kikilizzo

    For a child yes, because children do not understand much.

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  • SaddleGoose

    I wouldn't say it's normal but the mindset of children isn't normal compared to the mindset of adults.

    I used to be quite Icky of insects but now I can't even bare to see them crawling on an open floor in case they get trampled on, so I have to pick them up and move them somewhere safe.

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  • Chudders

    Sounds psychopathic. You'd fit right in on this website, it's filled with sick fucks like you.

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