Is it normal elderly parent doesn't sleep much

I'm a live in care taker for my elderly parents. My mom sleeps all the time but my dad doesn't sleep much at all.

Therefore I never get a minute alone because he's always awake when I am. He sleeps at 3am but is awake by 7am. It's driving me insane because I just want (realistically) an hour to myself to get coffee and start my morning before dealing with all this.

My life has become so stressful that I only enjoy my job on the weekdays because I get away from all this. But when 5pm hits it's misery because I'm back doing everything for them. Weekends are the worst. I love my parents but I can't go on like this - I feel like I'm living life for 3 people. I ended up in the hospital last year because I got so sick from the extreme stress and I feel like I might again.

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  • JuicyTho

    Elderly people often sleep for less or sleep in shorter intervals. Can you not get any help? Home care help maybe? If he isn't cognitively impaired could you ask him to allow you until whatever time in the morning before he expects you to help.

    I imagine if you got someone, who you care for, a dog, you would just be getting another thing to take care of.

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  • litelander8

    Get him a dog.

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