Is it normal construction workers cant finish their job

Ever since July we've had construction workers on this apartment building where I live and the surronding buildings to do roofing.
They are useless. They were supposed to be done in October and the surronding buildings are done with only the scaffoldings needing to be taken down, however this one is extremely far from done even though the buildings are identical. On this one the only part of the building where they have done anything is the first section of the building which is where I live... The scaffolding men put up the scaffolding in August on this section and then moved on to the next gate to put up the scaffolding there but they never finished it. They left it halfway up the building there and when I walked past them one time they were swearing and saying "this is never going to work".. The polish dudes are working away on the roof in my part of the building. They have been doing this since September and are still banging on the exact same spot on the roof as if they are retarded. It's like hell. I'm lucky to live on the second floor of this 5-story building but even down here it's loud. They arrive between 7.30-8.00 and at 11 they go to lunch and doesnt return. Lately they have not even arrived every week.
We got a letter from the company which owns these buildings yesterday which said unfortunately this particular building wont be finished until February now...

Its been silent all week. Then today I wake up at 9 AM from loud BONK BONK BONK.. Very fun when you get home from work at midnight and had a very hard time falling asleep so you are exhausted...
These retards decide to not work all week, then on SATURDAY they decide to start working!... At this point it feels like they are trying to spite me. I am noise sensitive and I do have ear plugs but my ears are sensitive, I get itchiness from ear plugs but I have to. I suffer from migraines and if its bad enough I get repeated migraine attacks for a week or two and I just had another 2-week on and off migraine.
Yeah the construction workers are dumbasses but something seems off about this building itself too because the scaffolding guys at least are good at their jobs, they've put up the scaffolding around the other buildings very fast and well, but when they were here all they did was swear. I've seen the scaffolding men arrive a few times to stand and look at this building only to get back in their car and leave without doing anything...
There's also the fact that last summer asphalting was going to be made right outside and it took over 2 weeks... I've since seen asphalting been made in numerous other places including other roads very near this one and it takes a couple hours, here it took 2 weeks and they did a bunch of drilling and shit trying to fix the ground first but yeah, just "normal apshalting"... Pretty sus if you ask me.

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