I've managed to stay skinny since the summer of 2013

Time flies. I remember this top I had in 2003 that I really loved but got too fat to fit in it. I hung it up in the closet hoping that I'd one day come to my senses and fit back into the dang thing.

When the summer of 2013 rolled around I knew I worked hard and lost weight but I still thought I was fat. I decided to try on the shirt and it fit.

It's 2023 and I still have that top. It probably the oldest article of clothing I own. It's still in pretty good condition. It's out of fashion, but with a choker and jeans, it's fine.

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Comments ( 4 )
  • SkullsNRoses

    I thought dressing like it’s the 2000s was cool again? I’m losing touch...

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  • Meatballsandwich

    2003 Fashion was sexy.

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  • StrawberryLollipop

    Heyy thats so cool!! Im so proud of you, thats actually great :D

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  • Ligeia

    <thinks top from 2003 is out of fashion
    <wears a choker

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