I think it's normal to go out there to shops being like them

No one has ever answered the posts to my experiences with my first conformity but it should be listened to, I'm going out there to shops being like the others, I wanna have jam on toast with a small dine-in coffee at Big Table, and I can't stress enough that you should listen to this. I think it's worth praising and celebrating, I know what everyone else is doing.

Therefore I'm not going to a dine-in bakery, and listen, a dine-in bakery to have breakfast, instead I'm going to a coffee shop to eat like everybody else to which I can't stress enough and you should listen to this, and you should appreciate it and make comments on this, yes. The whole world needs to know.

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  • ospry

    Is there anything to answer? In these posts it always sounds like you have some nice plans for yourself, it never seemed like you were expecting a response to them

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    • normal-rebellious

      Thank you, but I need to know what you think.

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