I'm really worried for my old friend

There's a person I used to be very close with, but sadly we ended up going separate ways in life and have been out of contact for years now. It was getting toxic towards the end of the friendship and we're better off on our own separate paths, but I can't help but still care for their well being even after all of these years.

I have just heard from another friend that this person is really struggling with their mental health and is living a dangerous lifestyle now. I really don't think it's best that I reach out to them, but it makes me sad and worried for them. Despite everything that happened in the end, I still have a lot of good memories with this person and don't want to see anything bad happen to them.

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  • RoseIsabella

    What kinda dangerous lifestyle is this person living?

    You can always pray for this person.

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  • litelander8

    This is common. Hope the best for them…

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  • kikilizzo

    I have a similar situation. My former best friend is still struggling with mental health but he's a very difficult person to deal with, everything is on his terms only. He can be happy that one gets in touch, then the next time you get in touch answer with asking what the fuck you want and why you're wasting his energy only to a few weeks later get in touch on his own and expect you to be available. Very toxic friendship too. At some point you've got to just let go and let that person deal with their own crap because someone toxic will drag you down with them wether they intend to or not. Hopefully your former friend has someone to rely on who is not you.

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