I'm in for a very rude awakening

Of the freaky horror that currently happens it will happen, they talk in a nice voice but I can taste their shit, not just the doctor but he's my arch enemy, also the nursing staff who threaten to give me negative consequences, the problem is people refuse to understand me for my angry behaviour, you have no idea I hate mankind, why do you do real annoyingness, not decency like what I do and you think it's annoying? I'm an arsehole, that's the whole reason I'm blowing smoke up your arse.

When I suck arse to people it's suspicious, these people run me down, they don't think of the consequences. I shouldn't even begin thinking of anything but the alternative to consequentialist behaviour, nobody ever listens, nobody even chooses their own morals, they choose a safe, happy-go-lucky morality that kisses everyone's arse, letting people run up on them.

Those dickholes who think that's all it takes to do right thing don't know that people are troubling them, stabbing them in the back for crap that they would get fired for if they were store clerks. The point is in the "desired" reality, sugar in shit I'm in for a VERY rude awakening, because some god I don't know who, is making nightmares for anyone who wishes it went away, giving you misfortune, making reality worse. I don't want to play this horror game, if the reality in the air is evil I'll just ignore it, I'm in for a very rude awakening.

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      I don't see how.

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