I'm afraid my friend is being used by her long term boyfriend.

She lives in his house. I hope he pays something towards the mortgage and it is not just her.

But it bothers me that my friend sleeps on an old couch (presumably because of his snoring) but he just went put and bought a VERY expensive new mattress and other bedding while my friend is on this couch and she needs better sleep. I told her she deserves a bed.

Also, sometimes she has bruises on her chest. She says from sports and she shows them off, but sometimes, I wonder...

She also appears to me to be the kind of person who has trouble asking for what she needs and doesn't want to cause any trouble or anyone even a minor inconvenience which maybe means she's at greater risk of abuse?

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  • SkullsNRoses

    This is certainly an odd situation, what makes you suspect she’s paying his mortgage?

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  • hiddenhands

    If I was in an abusive relationship I would not take the abuse. With all my strength I would fight back just kidding. Maybe try telling her stories about how people lefted abusive partners

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