I got assulted

I got a call for a job interview at a rehab. And while I was driving to the rehab, a man jumped out in front of me and I stopped my car. He sexually assaulted and told me he is stuck here and would do anything for a free ride. I said no I he could ask someone else. After the job interview the employer said I was hired an gave me a few training shifts. The man who stopped me was a client of the rehab and told my boss that I talked him into not escaping rehab. On my first day of rehab the same man stopped me and sexually assaulted me again and I told him that he would kicked out o the rehab his if he ignored me when I asked him never to touch me again. He listened but the past few shifts he tried to make conversation and asked about my shifts at the rehab. I told him I was causal and only went to work on someone called in sick

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  • raisinbran

    So you went to a job interview after being sexually assaulted. Sounds like a normal part of your day.

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  • sweetone89

    Call the police. Report him. If your employer gives you hell, get an employment lawyer.

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  • ospry

    It's weird how the title of this post is "I got assaulted" when the assault itself is minor side note in the story

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  • RoseIsabella

    Call the police, and press charges against this dude, drug addiction and or mental illness is never an excuse.

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    • darefu

      Be careful what you think Rose!

      Tell the legal side it's not an excuse, and they may laugh at you. I've seen people who have killed, caused the death of, or even raped people, and if they can prove they were high on drugs or have a drug addiction problem, they get sentenced to a drug rehab center and released once they complete the required course of objectives. No actual punishment for the crime just help them off their drug problem.

      Not to justify it, it's wrong, but if you work at a rehab center and you consider yourself sexually assaulted if a person flashes you, or gets a little handsee, or maybe even tried to kiss you, then you are probably in the wrong job.

      That's one reason a lot of rehab centers have a two person policy. To stop a person before it happens, or especially before it gets out of hand. By the way it works in reverse as well rehab center workers sexually or just plain assaulting patients.

      Even some school teachers have reported this issue is increasing because there is little if any punishment for the offender.

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