I get aroused when killing people in games

There's this computer game where you can play as a murderer who has to hunt down and kill other players in the game, and during the time I play I get highly aroused. Chasing the other players, hearing their screams when you get a hit on them sexually excites me. I get extremely into it to the point where my heart is literally racing, the experience makes me feel like it's not a game and I'm actually there hurting and chasing down the people, but I highly enjoy it still.

I start to shake due to the excitement, my arms/hands twitch and I often laugh when I kill or chase down one of the other players due to how good it feels. It's an extreme reaction and it takes me a while to actually calm down after the game, it's like a surreal high that fills me with joy and happiness which I know is twisted since I'm getting off to characters being hurt/killed. I know they aren't real people but during the moment I imagine everything is real and actually happening, I am hunting down those people and murdering them, cutting them open, the screams and blood excite me and no one can stop me.

I play other games but this is the only one that gets me like this. I sometimes think about if I'd get the same excitement and joy in killing someone in real life. I know a computer game is different from real life, but in the moment I'm so focused that nothing matters/exists around me and its as if the game is real life and I am chasing down and killing real people when I'm in that state of mind, it just feels so good, I just get a huge dopamine hit.

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  • Somenormie

    What the fuck?!?!?!

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  • LloydAsher

    Not normal. See a shrink you got issues.

    *plays farcry and sets a bunch of pigs on fire with a flamethrower*

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  • Ummitsstillme

    Excited sure, but aroused? Thats fucked up

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  • Billy247newaccount_35467829

    Good luck with that.

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  • playklax

    I play GTA V and laugh like a kid at the crazy and 'would be illegal in real life' things that go on that I do, but never, EVER, get aroused or so excited that I shake. Sorry, as others have said, you must have issues. See a shrink before things get any more extreme!!!!!

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  • cumlordvegeta

    yeah 100% normal. lol

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  • Tinybird

    what game is this?

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    • Bulgae

      Dead By Daylight

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