I feel pain and heat in my dreams

I feel pain and heat in my dreams. They aren’t actual feelings I get during the night that make their way into my dreams, they’re completely fabricated by my brain. It’s realistic, if I scrape my knee I get a different kind of pain than say a cut. If there’s an explosion, it’ll be a brief wave of heat. Sometimes I’ll feel both pain and heat at the same time. I’ll have other “unusual” sensations too such as taste and smell, but those aren’t as common. The “pinch me, I must be dreaming” saying never made sense to me because I could totally feel a pinch in a dream. Sometimes my dreams will be so hyper realistic that I have to look down and count my fingers to make sure it’s a dream.

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  • Meowypowers

    It is normal to feel all possible sensations while dreaming; from pain- to orgasm! The saying, "pinch me, I must be dreaming" is asking someone awake to wake me up by pinching me, because my current reality is too great, -it can only be a dream.

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