I do not like gummies very much anymore

I cannot eat more than a few without feeling grossed out, especially when they're the vitamin gummies. I used to like them just fine, but something changed

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  • bbrown95

    It's normal for your tastes to change over time.

    I used to be a fruit snack junkie, but now I feel kind of "meh" about them most of the time. I still enjoy them, but only every once in awhile, whereas I used to eat them whenever I got the chance. Now they're just too processed and sugary for anything more than an occasional treat.

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  • olderdude-xx

    In my opinion gummies are just a fad, except as a children's candy.

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  • shoka2322

    I wouldn't take vitamins if they weren't gummies. Otherwise, vitamins would be just another pill to take on top of what I already have. I love gummies in general.

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  • donteatstuffoffthesidewalk

    i remember when they came out in the 80s and i never liked em then

    theyre like gooey sugary rubber

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    Personal preferences in food can change over time. I used to love caramel, but now the stuff grosses me out. Same for coconuts.

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