I can’t talk to someone without doing something

earlier i found myself straightening my hair while talking to my sister. did i want to? not particularly. in fact, i’m a bit scared of straightening my hair because i’ve heard of so many horror stories about heat damage. anyways, she just pulled it out to straighten her hair and i thought ‘why not? lol’ then mid-way through straightening i snapped out of it and wondered what the hell i was doing. i think back to most my conversations and i remember doing something repeatedly until the conversation was over- like making origami cranes, brushing my carpet, re-lacing my shoes until the tongue was perfectly straight, and such. i was just wondering if this is a sign of something or if i’m just a really antsy person lol

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  • pronk

    irelate so mmuch lol

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  • Anonnet

    Normal. Not many people stand perfectly stock still, staring only at the eyes of the other person. Not while talking or listening.

    It's natural to want to move around and split your attention, depending on how invested in the conversation you are. You sound like you probably do more than usual if you're making origami cranes, but if you're a good listener, it probably just helps you focus.

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  • Ummitsstillme

    You lost me at the end. No one if forcing your to look a certain way. Be greatful for the once in humanity freedom. Do what you want if you can!

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  • litelander8

    I used to flat iron my hair in high school. I couldn’t give a fart about styling my hair as an old sea wench.

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