I asked my man for a baby. . .

I asked my man to give me a baby. I’m still young, and he is older. He completely told me NO. Said he is too old and that I already have kids. Why??? He said it was a hard no, and I couldn’t change his mind. I am completely bummed out. What do I do now? I think I’m looking too much into it, but almost makes me feel like he doesn’t like the fact I have kids already.

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  • KholatKhult

    Family plans that different are a deal breaker

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  • JellyBeanBandit

    Some people don't want kids, and there's nothing you can do about it. It's nothing to do with you, it's just what he wants.

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  • darefu

    You may have already ended the relationship.

    Too many guys have become fathers when they didn't want to be.

    There are instances where a female who wanted a child told the guy she was taking precautions and he didn't need to use protection and the next thing he knows she is pregnant.

    These instances probably are not as many as a lot of guys would have you believe, however, once you stated you want one, the guy has little choice but to take protection himself by only having sex with a condom, risk getting you pregnant, abstinence, or end the relationship.

    If he is totally 100% against it, then as others have said it's probably a deal breaker and time to move on, for both of you.

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  • Millie_the_evil_saint

    Because kids are expensive. Your current man is smart. He knows he can't afford taking care of another kid. He's not trying to be mean or anything, just realistic.

    You could think about why you want another kid. What do you hope to gain from this? Why not just invest more of your time and energy into the kids you already have? And you can spend more time with your man.

    I advise you set up a nice romantic dinner for him on Valentine's Day. Make love and get in the mood. Use protection. Don't have another kid. Just live for yourself. Find happiness with the people already in your life.

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  • Wow3986

    So you hate women that can't give birth?

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    • ospry

      Do you ever just shut the fuck up? Literally no one on this site finds you entertaining and everyone knows you're just a shitty troll

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      • Wow3986

        I guess this means you hate women who are infertile. Not only is that misogynistic but it is the equivalent to being an ableist. Like, wtf? Seek help you ableist bigot.

        #ospryisamisogynisticableistbigot #boycottisitnormal

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