I’m tired of donating

I speak mostly at work. There is one lady (who is in a different, higher ranking department) who keeps having stuff happen to her family. Everybody collects cash and I have several times, but I really don’t want to this time. I’m not charity, and she makes double my income, not that it matters.

I just haven’t wanted to be charitable lately; I’m not a church. And the past times I’ve had family members die work just a sent a card for one and nothing for the other.

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  • ospry

    Make up an excuse or just be vague and say something like "if I was in a position to, I'd help you out." If she keeps having family issues then she shouldn't begrudge anyone for not helping out because of their own issues

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    • SkullsNRoses

      Exactly what I was going to say, they’re not going to look through your bank statements like Sherlock Holmes.

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