How out of shape have you been?

My level of physical fitness has fluctuated somewhat over the course of my life (between 150 and 190 pounds, I know that's not a huge margin), but I've never been super fit. At my best, I think I could sprint half a mile and recover pretty quickly.

But when I get out of shape, I really get out of shape. My weight is back up and I've had very little physical activity for the past several months, so I decided to hit the tiny track outside my office. Result: Gasping for breath with legs that feel like cinder blocks after all of 15 seconds, and I was only jogging.

It reminds me of when I was talking to a female friend of mine who was playing Ring Fit Adventure to get in shape. I remarked that I probably couldn't do half the stuff she was doing and she said "do you not work out AT ALL?"

While I catch my breath, what's the most out of shape you've been? Also, any advice for getting back in the game? All I know is running, really.

I could do... 1 jumping jack 0
I could jog for a few seconds and then call it a day 2
I could walk up one flight of stairs without getting winded 2
I could jog a mile, albeit slowly 8
I could sprint a little bit 5
Other (better or worse) 5
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  • ThatOneGuyYouNeverWantToMeet

    I used to be 310lbs of pure fat at one point & would get tired just from standing for 2 hours dripping sweat (have no idea how the hell I didn't have high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease). I'm now in-between 250/260lbs, about 25/20% bodyfat & can bench 420lbs curl 200lbs & wrestle/roll at the BJJ gym for 2 hours 5 days a week. I like to think I made a complete turn around.

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  • Meowypowers

    170 lbs!

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  • kikilizzo

    Ive always been very out of shape but since I am naturally thin I do not care about exercising. I will resort to that when I have to.

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  • derangedhomo

    I used to be severely underweight as a child, more than half of the bones in my body were visible, and it got so bad to the point where my body just couldnt digest anything, I had to be fed with those needle things

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    I used to be a little over 200 pounds. I would get tired from walking short distances, yet at work I could lift the heavy BIB soda syrup boxes and put them on the top shelves with no issue, while the bony skinny men had a hard time of it.

    I'm 118 pounds now and I can stay on my feet for hours without getting tired. I lost the freaky strength I had when I was fat but that's okay because moving around freely is better than being a fatigued blubber butt. XD

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  • Anonnet

    Remember, weight isn't the same thing as fitness! Do you ever run or lift?

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  • Curiouskitten444

    I could cycle 15k very fast and uphill at my best. I could probably cycle 5k at a medium pace now, but its winter here so no cycling for me. At my worst, a flight of stairs could make me faint (I was anorexic)

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  • Ligeia

    Why are all of these options for people with shit fitness. I distance run up to like an hour daily.

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    • Anonnet

      It's about what you could do when you were in your worst shape. If you've been fit your whole life, that's the Other option.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    I was bedridden for half the year in 2018 before my first back surgery. I first blew my l5 s1 disc in 2016 in a boxing gym. I got real fat. Then after my surgery I started feeling better and BOOM another disc blew out and I was back in the bed. I went under the knife immediately that time. From now on if another disc goes out ill just get it replaced. Im too young to be in pain and worry about doing the things I want to. I feel great now too. Im powerlifting on squats. I dont go over 225 on deadlifts though.

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